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Make a Real Difference!

Get your clients through!

  • any unwanted condition  Almost everyone has something about life they wish was different. Since all unwanted conditions begin with the individual's perspective and reactions, all can be resolved, when you know how. When you have completed our training, you will know how!

  • spiritual birth trauma  Nearly everyone has some sort of lingering after-effect from the moment of self-discovery and one's reaction to it. Underlying everything else in one's consciousness, this problem taints everything a person tries to do. For the first time ever, our Zero-point Clearing makes it possible to handle that reaction and remove its hidden negative influence from the individual's performance.

  • life reconstruction  When you change a person's fundamental perspective on self and life, you need to be able to put the person back together again, so to speak. It's actually the person's role and relationship with life that changes, and we will teach you how to help your clients find their renewed direction.

  • personal reorganization  When one's false understandings fall away, along with them goes one's misestimation of self. You will learn how to help your clients redefine themselves when the time comes.

  • inner alignment  Personal integrity is simply the state of being completely consistent in one's principles, values and actions. You will learn how to help your clients guarantee their personal integrity and achieve the lives they want.

Complete training!
  • Technical  All of the above promises may be kept by learning and mastering our proven procedures. You will not only study those procedures, but in the internship section of each segment of your training you will both receive and deliver those procedures with your fellow interns.

  • Practice Management  All the training in the world will still leave you in a hit-or-miss situation as a practitioner unless you also know how to conduct your practice. Our training includes the basics of how to set up and operate your practice so you'll have every chance to succeed personally while truly helping others.

  • Constructive Marketing  Nobody wants to "sell". And now that you will have a service that truly works, it will sell itself. We'll teach you how to make yourself and your practice known so that people will seek you out, and, because they'll know the value of what you offer, they'll happily pay your fee.

  • Ordination  You will become an ordained cleric when you complete your training with us. This isn't just a legal consideration, it is a fact of the nature of your relationship with your clients. And it won't totally immunize every aspect of your activities from government interests (you still won't be immune from prosecution for taking unfair advantage of clients), but you will be immune from tesatifying about them. You will learn the secrets involving the set-up and conduct of your practice and yourself as a practitioner that will virtually guarantee you cannot be forced to reveal anything about your clients whatsoever.

Tools of the trade!
  • Website  Every certified ASC Practitioner will be given a website for his or her practice that s/he may use to promote that practice locally. Maintained as a subst of our own master site, there are no particular fees required.

  • Referrals  As we begin to place more and more Practitioners into the world, we will also increase the marketing our services to the world. It is our firm intention not to compete with our Practitioners, but rather to refer inquiries from their area back to them.

  • Laptop computer  Along with your training you will receive a laptop computer with our Practice Management and Consultant's AssistantTM programs already installed, and you will be trained in their use so that you will have every probability of quickly becoming an efficient, effective and successful Practitioner.

  • Consultant's AssistantTM computer program  Once you have learned and understand our procedures, you will then discover your mechanical delivery of them to be greatly simplified and standardized by this software. It will effectively coach you through each procedure as you deliver it to your client! It will also allow you to take create a complete session transcript by integrating the procedure steps directly into the notes you enter via the keyboard. All of your work will be automatically saved encrypted and password-protected directly on your hard drive, reviewable and printable by you whenever you or your client have the need.

Be a Practitioner in one year!

There is much to learn, and doing so requires time, and peace of mind. Therefore we have established a set of criteria for your benefit:

  1. A Safe Environment *

    • You will need to allow up to a full year for full study, internship and your own receiving of the procedures and benefits of our services.

    • Your training will require that you leave your employment behind and come to our training center with the intention of never looking back; you will return home as a Practitioner, ready and able to go to directly to work helping the people in your domain.

  2. A Secure Start-up *

    • To guarantee that you will not go home to a financial crisis and be forced to return to the work-a-day world rather than do what you've so diligently trained to do, you will be required to post a $10,000.00 cash deposit into a bank escrow account so that we all know how you will cover your initial living expenses and start-up costs when you leave us to go out on your own. Note that we will not have access to that money, and the only degree of control we will have over it is you will not be able to withdraw it until we sign a release form when you are ready to return home. Note also that should you for any reason elect to return home without completing your training, we will release these funds to you. The sole purpose of these funds is to guarantee that you don't return home to a financial emergency.

  3. A Reasonable Fee

    • You must donate, in advance of your arrival for training, a non-refundable gift in lieu of tuition in the amount of $25,000.00 to ASC Missions Group, ntc., our official Trust organization.

    • You will also need to provide for your room and board, either on-site or in a shared apartment with another trainee, at the rate of $1250.00 per month for a total of $15,000.00 for the year. You will place these funds into a second bank escrow account, and they will be disbursed back you you on a monthly basis. Should you terminate your training prematurely, or complete it in less than the full year, any unused balance will be released to you upon your departure.

  4. * Notes:

    • The start-up and personal maintenance escrow amounts are and will remain your own money at all times except as you consume the personal maintenance fund while you are with us.

    • The start-up fund is your due-diligence commitment to your own future stability. It can be waived if you can demonstrate that you have other guarantees.

    • Your total financial commitment comes to $50,000.00: a commitment to ASC of a non-refundable $25,000.00 donation in-lieu, a consumable/refundable $15,000.00 bank escrow to cover your living expenses for up to one year, and an automatically-refunded $10,000.00 bank escrow to cover your own start-up costs when you return from the training.

Your next step:

If you haven't already done so, carefully read the Lucidity article available through the Services page on this site. Then call us with your questions if you've decided to proceed.

Note: our training cycle begins the first weeks of January and July of each year.

All funds must be delivered either by wire transfer or cashier's check.

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